Barn Owl

General description.

The Barn Owl is a majestic owl that associates closely with humans. This bird often roosts in many man-made structure and nests there as well. This bird can most often be found at night listening for prey. This bird eats rodents and small birds. Farmers welcome these birds into their farms hoping that they will help rid the farm of pests such as mice. Mated pairs often mate for life and nest in cavities and crevices. They will often use nest boxes. This bird is rare, but the populations are stable in most places.

Flight pattern.

Erratic darting.

Breeding habits.


Calls or song.


Population and distribution.

Rare to uncommon.

Nesting habits.

The Barn Owl nests in caves, birdhouses, buildings, bridges, dead trees, trees, and on cliffs and lays 2-12 white eggs in April.

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