Northern Cardinal
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Northern Cardinal Photo

General description.

Also called simply, Cardinal, this unmistakable bright red bird is abundant throughout central and eastern part of the United States. Known best for school mascots and the most common state bird (7), the cardinal is so abundant, it ofter goes unwatched. But, the beautiful red cardinal is actually marvelous to observe in the backyard and takes greedily to bird feeders, feeding readily from most feeders. The cardinal can get pretty animated when other cardinals feed. Interestingly, they are less aggressive with other birds. The whistle of the Cardinal is one of the more prominent bird voices, with as many as 25 unique songs. The Cardinal does like to pass time on the ground, in the undergrowth where he sings as readily as when on a conspicuous perch. The song of the female Cardinal is softer and not as prolific. The call-note of both sexes of the Cardinal is a sharp cheep that feels like it is coming from a smaller bird. The Cardinal will typically nest in a bush, laying 3-4 eggs in April.

Female appearance.

The female cardinal is duller, with more of a brown than red crest.

Flight pattern.

Rolling flight, above bushes and shrubs with wings fluttering.

Breeding habits.


Population and distribution.

Range: The Cardinal is a very abundant and a common resident from the Gulf States to New York & Ohio, but you won't find them too much farther west or north.

Nesting habits.

The Cardinal Nest is saucer shaped and found in bushes and trees.

Buying feeders.

Cardinals will eat from a wide variety of feeders.
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